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Iced Tea Cocktails



 About Us 

TeaTails is a fresh, wondrous business aimed to please everyone who loves and loathes tea. Yes, loves and loathes!

TeaTails creates a vast amount of teas that will insight nostalgia and amazement. From Apple Pie & Vanilla Custard to Bubblegum Candy Floss. 

TeaTails is here to further prove the fact that you can have fun with a non alcoholic beverage. From Mojito and Pina Colada to Blue Lagoon and Sex On The Beach. TeaTails caters to your cocktail needs with all the right flavours and you can still drive home after!



We Are green!

TeaTails aims to bring a more environmentally friendly approach to drinking on the go; we use 100% compostable cups for both cold and hot drinks. Our straws, stirrers and even our napkins are biodegradable!


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